Thursday, July 19, 2007

Summer TV and the Story of How I was Diagnosed with Cancer

I started a eight week eCycling rotation at Endurance this morning, and I am pretty shelled. I've made the decision that the Big Kahuna Half Ironman on September 8th is going to be my last long distance race for a long while, and since it also marks the Howard Solomon Run for Thyroid Cancer, I figure I want to go out guns a blazing. The last few months have been my longest window in over a year for gaining some measure of fitness and because I have to go hypo again come October or November, I figured what the heck; let's see if I don't have a bad ass performance left in me. Plus, these eCycling classes get you very fit, very fast.

Ironically enough and at the risk of sounding dramatic, the last eCycling class I took in the Winter of 06 may very well have saved my life. The short version: the class (which was led by Ironman Hawaii age group champion Tyler Stewart) left me so trashed and broken down, I got a nasty cold that ultimately turned into bronchitis). As a result, I went to the doctor -- something I hadn't done in many, many years. During that visit the doctor asked me when I last had a check up. When I told him I couldn't remember, he suggested that we do one right there and not more than two minutes later he discovered a lump on my neck. And the rest is history. So thanks for that, eCycling.


I haven't talked about Entourage much of late; what do you all think? I think this season started a bit slow but is now picking up a great head of steam. Billy Walsh is definitely stealing many a scene this season and the Medellin storyline is great. Though he's probably not my favorite, I think Johnny Drama is the most developed character. And that bong hit scene in this latest episode was just off the charts.


I watched that Victoria Beckham show (did I really just type those words?) and I have to say, it was a bit funnier than I expected. Man, is she a dingbat. And I don't find her at all attractive; those fake boobs are a bit much.

Dumbest reality show premise of all time: Age of Love. Holy sheet is that beyond idiotic and cheesy. It's like watching a train wreck. And with all due disrespect, does anyone *really* think that multi-millionaire, 31 year old former tennis pro Mark Philopoussis is going to chose a 49 year versus a hot 20-something. Not a chance in the world, not even in reality tv land.


Big Love is the best show on HBO, except maybe for Flight of the Concords. Big Love is very well written and acted, but I wish it had a little more dramatic action. It's pretty darn slow and not much happens, but I still somehow enjoy each episode. And with all due respect to The Wife, I sure wish I had three wives. That would be cool. (though you would always be numero uno, love).


Best TV of the Summer without a doubt is the Tour. I cannot express how much I enjoy coming how and watching the stages unfold on Versus. Today was more great action. See the commentary between Payro and I in the comments section if you have any interest. Vino the Impaler was unleashed today and man, did he just destroy Christophe Moreau. He knows he can't win the Tour but he sure can be a spoiler and expect him to wreak absolute havoc in the mountains next week. Boy is next week going to be awesome.

That's about it. Going to go and watch the new Man vs. Wild erpisode and take notes for tomorrow's posting, though The Wife is blabbing something about watching the beautifully titled "Scott Baio is 45 and Single." This, folks, is my life.


michael said...

Best shows currently on HBO, in order of awesomeness:

- Flight
- John
- Big Love
- Entourage

i remember a time when entourage topped that list, but it's always more of the same with that show. they need to introduce a new character or something. maybe a new love interest for eric or vince. what ever happened to turtle's little girlfriend anyway? this last episode with the bong scene was pretty great, though.

neil s said...

Top 5 HBO shows that have aired at some point over the last 5 years:

1) The Wire
2) The Sopranos
3) 6 Feet Under
4) Rome
5) Entourage

The only HBO show I've haven't tried is Deadwood - which i hear is great.

I found Big Love to be incredibly boring. Finally managed to stop watching it. Yeah for me.

The worst HBO show - Carnivale. I watched every friggin hour of that show. Someone owes me a refund.

payro said...

I don't know about the worst show, Neil - Lucky Louie sucked pretty badly.

The Tour was good, uneventful today. But tomorrow - first time trial, the "race of truth"! And then we start the mountain stages in the Pyrennes.

Everyone should take time tomorrow to watch the race. Riders are sent out solo at 2 minute intervals on a closed 54 km course. Fastest man wins. No support from your team, just man against the clock. We should see significant shuffling of the rankings after tomorrow.