Monday, July 30, 2007

Best Entourage Ever?

Just back from an absolute whirlwind trip to Chicago. It was great to see all my work and non-work peeps but I must say that it's good to be home: and without question, San Francisco is most definitely our home.

Since I am exhausted and have a 6:00 am wake up call tomorrow, a short post consisting of two items:

-- I discovered this past weekend that the iphone, while not really ready for prime time from a business perspective, is the ultimate -- and I mean ultimate -- travel device. Here's a few exmaples of how I used it the past several days: by the time I got to Chitown the work phone was dead, so great to have the iPhone as a back up. While on the plane I watched two movies (by the way -- Half Nelson, with Ryan Gosling, is absolutely amazing) and listened to about six albums. While at the airport I surfed the Internet, accessed my work email via Webmail, watched a few YouTube videos. Going to and from the wedding, I got lost several times (surprise, surprise) but was able to ultimately figure out where I was going via Google Maps, which is probably the best feature on the phone. On the plane home tonight, I made a few work to do's in the Notes section. I power used it for hours today and still had about a quarter of a battery charge left by the time I got home.

-- funny, I just got a note on this topic from an old friend, but intended to write about it too: last night's Entourage wasn't just the best of the season, I seriously think that pound-for-pound, it might be the best episode ever (though I hasten to add that I need to see it one more time to confirm whether that statement is true). Literally every scene was side splittingly funny, and they packed more action than usual into this half hour. The scenes with Turtle were just priceless. For this episode, the directors were smart in throwing out the storyline ( I don't think there was one mention of Medellin) and they just let the four boys be boys, which is what they do best (that, and score hot chicks, in the case of Vince).

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Anonymous said...

glad you watched it and had something to say - was getting worried about you howard. started to think you only comment on summer reality tv - cougars v. co-eds or something like that? and of course sports - that's never gonna change (although i'm glad to hear you don't throw up at UM games anymore!). i agree this was just hysterical: the how to "do it" in a plushy suit followed by drama actually "doing it" in the end (and from behind) to make his loss worthwhile (even funnier after his reference to "back end" activity earlier in the show), ari's wife in all her foul mouthed glory, lloyd as always pitch perfect even when he's barely got a line and the pellicano character - that was an inspired use of the show's "insider" LA parodies. i haven't found the show particularly interesting lately, but in this episode the writers definitely redeemed themselves. Yours truly, "old friend" (old? let's come up with a new description, please!).