Saturday, July 14, 2007

Welcome To The Tour de France

I expect the Tour de France to start in earnest tomorrow; the first week is all flats and is generally uneventful, crashes aside (and we've had a few doozie crashes thus far, including Kloden and Vino yesterday).

The race officially hit the mountains (Alps) today and tomorrow's stage should be very interesting; I have a strong sense we'll see who's in form. We also should see exactly how injured the two Astana riders are or aren't.

My prediction: we'll see a billy goat climber such as Rasmussen, Flecha, Mayo or Valverde, take a flyer and win the stage on a breakaway, but we should see some separation among the GC, especially with the rest day on Monday. If Levi has his legs, I think tomorrow would be a great day to stage a nice attack, if only to see if Vino is bluffing his injuries or not. I have no sense of what kind of form Levi is in, though I was a bit disappointed with his performance in the prologue; 40 seconds back was a bit much.

that was the thing I loved most about Lance. He'd come in to the prologue and win by 20 seconds and you knew he was going for the win just to f*&^ with the other riders head. In essence, he'd win the tour on the very first day. Lance Armstrong; without doubt, the best ever.

Though I catch every stage in the evenings, tomorrow is the first day of this Tour I'll be up early to catch the action live.

On the subject of cycling: I got tested in the lab this week and though my VO2 max has improved a bit (probably the result of all the high intensity swimming), my VT1 watts remains pretty lame. Still got some serious work to do on the bike.

I also hope everyone is working on their running, because we're les than two months out from the first annual Howard Solomon race for Thyroid Cancer. Remember: come September 8th all you have to do is run. That's it. I will be making a cash donation to ThyCa based on our collective miles.

Everyone who goes over 10 miles also gets a specially-designed race t-shirt, if that provides any further motivation. I have list of all those who previously committed; let me know if there are any others out there, or if anyone wants to up their mileage. Right now, Payro leads the pack with his commitment of 20 miles.

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