Wednesday, July 11, 2007

90's Rock is Dead: Long Live 90's Rock

Well, appears as if I have to add an important addendum to my little story from yesterday. Turns out the orange juice wasn't exactly the culprit for the bed wetting episode; turn out The Girl has a nasty little bladder infection. Man, don't I feel like a horse's ass. Evidently she made "just a little pee pee" (her words) again last night and the Wife, smelling trouble (no pun intended), took her right to the doc. So, my bad. On the other hand: my good. Looks like it wasn't bad parenting that caused the disaster that was my Tuesday morning.

New Smashing Pumpkins broke yesterday and I am sad to say that I'm disappointed. SP is one of my all-time favorite bands and I've been anticipating this more than any other album (funny, I still call it "album." CD doesn't sound right anymore though, especially as most people now buy their music online) this year. I was literally counting down the days until it debuted and it kind of sucks. On the topic, the new Velvet Revolver (Scott Wieland and Slash) isn't too great either. Coupled with the marginal new Perry Farrell album (which is probably the best of the aforementioned), I think these past few weeks officially mark the death of 90's alternative rock. New bands like Interpol, Arcade Fire and others seem to be seizing the mantle.


The new Patagonia catalogue arrived today. Nothing stokes me like the Patagonia catalogue. I've been long meaning to write a dedicated post on Patagonia, which is by far my favorite brand of all-time. Though their clothes are slightly on the expensive side, they make, in my humble opinion, the best active wear the market has to offer. It's scary how much Patagonia clothing I own: I'd go so far as to say I have a borderline problem. But I can break out some of my older stuff -- particularly some of the shorts and tops I've used during some serious trail races and run -- and you'd think it was brand new. Their clothes simply endure the test of time in every respect. They never compromise on quality and they have fantastic customer service both at retail and online. Not to mention, they are one of the original socially responsible companies. I very strong suggest Yvon Choinard's (founder) biography/environmental manifesto, Let My People Go Surfing. At the risk of hyperbole, it's one of the more inspirational business tomes I've read in a long while. I was so impressed by it, that I bought copies for many of my employees this past holiday season.

The Wife is upstairs catching up on laundry that accumulated during her little absence. She just yelled down to me, "Why is it I just folded five pair's of Summer's underwear and only one of Zevan's?" Ooops. Chalk that up on the mistake list.

Go get 'em tomorrow Nana Silk. We're all sending you good vibes. And thank you all for the notes and calls. They are greatly appreciated.

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Crazymamaof6 said...

poor summer with the bladder infection! and hilarious on the underwear usage, Boys!