Monday, July 2, 2007

Vincent Chase Meets Dennis Hopper

Too tired to post much -- weekend activtiies and training has caught up with me -- but just finished watching Entourage. Best line of the show was from Turtle, after Vinnie jumps out of the car to go to the Beach with the hot chick, "Man, if I could just be him for one day." I think most of us guys probably agree.

The other great line was from Dennis Hopper, in reference to living in a cave during the filming of Apocalypse Now (which, I might add, is definitely one of my top five favorite movies. I've probably seen it in excess of ten times and though the scenes with Kurtz at the end are a bit drawn out, it gets better with each viewing), when he says "god was my best decorator."
Great guest appearance by Hopper and if you watched carefully, Howard Stern fans, that was Chuck Zito in the living room watching the soccer game. Anyway, it appears as if I might be wrong; Medellin is looking like a hit.

John from Cinci has officially lost me btw, unless one of you has a strong opinion and can convince me otherwise. Can't say I didn't try on that one.

By the way, on the topic of TV, I do have a great show that both Zevan and I are really into: Man vs. Wild on Discovery. If you are not familiar with the premise, the host, Bear Gryllis, is ex UK Special Forces and in each episode he gets dropped off in an inhospitable locale (Florida everglades, Death Valley, Alaska backcountry, a desert island) and has to find his way out. Each episode he does something out of the ordinary -- pees on his headband to cool himself off while trecking through the desert, eats live salmon right out of the water in Alaska, etc) that really stoke young Zevan. Great show and relatively family friendly. Survivorman on TNT is of the same genre and is also enjoyable though it doesn't appear on a regular basis sofar as I can ascertain.

Lack of good TV won't matter soon though because we are less than a week to go to the Tour, but I'll spare you a ranting on that subject for the moment, as I know it's going to get old soon.

I told my father he's on deadline for an end of the week post, but he appears to be unable to find his muse, so please let me know if there's a particular subject you'd like to hear.

Out for tonight.

(Ps For all of you keeping score at home, the damn iPhone is still in the freaking box. Funny, I can make snap decisions about surgeons, cancer treatment, moving to new cities, buying expensive homes, etc. -- and I make these judgements quickly and without looking back -- and on top of that I capably run a very large division of a major PR firm -- and yet I am completely conflicted about a freaking iphone. Go figure.)


greedo said...

Man vs. Wild is absolutely batsh*t insane. The man urinated on a shirt and wrapped it around his head to stay cool in the desert!

I guess having pee on your face is infinitely better than dying.

BTW: finally activated my iPhone last night. Other than getting married, it's the best choice I ever made.

Crazymamaof6 said...

i've watched man vs wild and it didn't really hold my attention sadly and what is up with no real ending? it always seems to end with him by the fire or something, and a fade out? and i wait for something more, and the next show starts! obviously he survives, but I feel like a helicopter picking him up would be a better ending. maybe i really didn't pay super close attention.

and on the phone? two year commitment, not quite up to speed where the keyboard is concerned,right? and thyroid? gotta get rid of cancer, not optional, especially being a guy. and you got lucky with the surgeon, sometimes you get screwed there, and you didn't. my two cents!

wiley said...

I have a hard time believing man vs. wild, although I do watch it occasionally. I mean, the guy has a film crew with him. Are they guzzling water and eating bon bons while he is eating pine needles?

Howard Solomon said...

I kind of agree Wiley in re: Man vs. Wild. Survivorman is a bit cooler from the perspective that he doesn't have a crew with him......

Crazymamaof6 said...

ok i was confused and have only watched survivor man. with no crew and the pictures of his naked butt were not hot. so ignore my last comment