Sunday, September 16, 2007

Derek Freaking Jeter

Tennis has Rodger Federer. Golf has Tiger Woods. Swimming has Michael Phelps. And baseball has Derek Jeter. Sure, A-Rod gets most of the glory and is a lock to win his third MVP. Others have better overall statistics. But no one is more clutch, more consistently, then the Yankees captain.

Tonight's game was just unreal (and sidenote, I've basically conceded the division title to the Sox. But it doesn't matter when you're playing the last series of the year between these two teams). I was watching it with the Little Boy (who had a tough go of itself himself this morning in his Fall ball debut. Poor lad whiffed twice) and Jeter is up there in the eight, battling it out with Schilling, who was pitching an amazing game up until this point. "Watch the Yankee Captain," I told him, "he never gives up." And just like that, like out of a Hollywood script, he pounds a towering three run homer over the Green Monster. We went crazy again, ala Friday night (we won't mention last night's drubbing of course). I've long been a Yankees fan myself and at 41 I still get worked up about Yanks-Sox games, but from a little kid's eyes, it's pretty magical stuff.

So, thanks Derek Jeter. Now I truly understand why every baseball playing kid in the world loves you (which is true; even out here in the Bay area, ask a kid who his favorite player is and more often than not you'll hear him say Derek Jeter.).

Yankees, Red Sox. There's not a rivalry in sports that can match it.


In other sporting news, The Wolverines finally won one, demolishing an utterly hapless Notre Dame squad. If I wasn't a heartless mofo, I'd almost feel bad for ND. Almost. I think Michigan will be ok this year, so long as we avoid teams that play the spread offense. Meaning we'll probably win the rest of our games (big one coming up this weekend against Penn State) and then get rolled in our Bowl Game.


That was a pretty damn funny Larry David Show, I must confess. It's not my favorite HBO show of all time, but it is consistently funny. What's up with the show that precedes it though, the one about the five couples and sex? Still haven't exactly figured out the storyline behind that one. Maybe it doesn't matter......


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