Saturday, September 1, 2007

Carr Must Go

Jesus H. Christ. Biggest upset in the history of college football and Michigan is on the losing end? Unbelieveable. Am I imagining this or did we lose to a Division AA school?

I don't even know where to start, but I do know that enough is enough: it is time for a coaching change at the University of Michigan. And for the record: I've been saying this for about two plus years. Don't get get me wrong: Carr is a good coach. And he's a better human being. He's done great things for the University and he's truly, in the words of Bo, a Michigan man. But sometimes programs need change, and I think that's what is in order here. The football establishment is rapidly passing us by. The bottom line: he's not motivating these guys. A dismal string of losses to Ohio State. Multiple bowl losses including an embarrasment in Pasadena last year (which I was unlucky to attend). And now this. Enough is enough: for the sake of the program he should finish out the season and then call it a career. And no nonsense about bringing in an "insider" -- we need to go outside the program and bring in an up and comer, preferably someone from the West Coast. I know I'll probably get flamed from some of my Michigan buddies for this, most of whom are Michigan traditionalists, but the time has come, and I think this is finally hard to deny.

I didn't watch the game, thankfully. Instead, we went to Dillon Beach (look this one up on Wikipedia) which sits at the mouth of Tomales Bay, which is where the Great Whites come to breed. Words simply cannot describe the beauty of this area, which sits at the top end of West Marin. It was about an hour drive from our house, but well worth the trip. On the way home The Wife dropped me off at Point Reyes on the way home, and I biked my way home. Kind of a mistake: it featured some absolutely epic climbs. I bonked on a particular steep climb and went sideways into a ditch. My knee is pretty banged up and bloody - not exactly what you want the week before a big race -- but I think I will be ok. I'm ashamed to admit that I was hammered enough (felt the effects of yesterday's ride on the Computrainer) from this ride that I had to bail and have the wife pick me up. The last climb was beyond gnarly, with about fifteen hairpin turns (literally) and holiday traffic was bad. Didn't think it was worth the risk.


To top things off, our neighbors, who are our closest friends out here, moved today. Granted, they only moved downtown and we are super happy for them (they've been restoring their home for about 1.5 years so today marks a huge day for them) but we will miss them all the same.

So in summation: Michigan loses home opener, I crashed the bike and our close friends moved. Lovely day, eh? Well, at least the Yankees won.


Anonymous said...

2 words for you. GO BUCKS!!!

foodmomiac said...

What about Ron English? An insider, but also from the west coast.

Anonymous said...


totally agree. what a debacle. he should be fired tomorrow. and ron english should go as well. his defense stunk up the field today.


HowardSol said...

English is vastly overrated. His D is young, I understand, but they simply do not show up in big games

Payro said...

Dude, that was el shocker of the decade. I felt bad for you and your UM boys. Except Dave, who doesn't care. I expect Zolla and Steve-O will be depressed for months.

You are all free to join me on the LSU bandwagon. I doubt they'll win the nat'l championship, but they won't be losing to MTSU, Tulane, or LA Tech. Yo.

And take it easy before the big race. I can go out and get bonky (I did yesterday), but not you. You're in taper, remember? "The hay is in the barn", as they say, so relax.


neil s said...

First Michigan humiliates all of us U-M grads then Medellin is a huge flop. Wow. What a weekend.