Sunday, September 9, 2007

Race Picture Four: My Main Man Nick Quirke

Nick and I worked together for several years in Chicago. He then left to join his family's agency. One of the great personal things for me about this blog is that it's brought Nick and I back in touch, which really stokes me because he's a great guy and someone I am proud to call a friend. Nick is the man: he raced 10 miles last weekend, then yesterday he was the race director for the Flossmor 5k, which I think is incredibly impressive. Race directing and volunteering for races is a great thing. Kudos for that, Nick; I could not be more impressed. Nick followed up his race directing duties by running five miles yesterday and then I believe he added six more today. Way to go, Nick!

(I should add that Nick is the father of two of the cutest little girl I've ever seen. Let me know if it's cool to post a picture of them Nick).

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Anonymous said...

Congrats to all runners, walkers, bikers, swimmers and triathletes. What a great event. Please drop the photo up there, always glad to see the girls' smiling faces.

great idea and great execution, howard.