Monday, September 3, 2007


WARNING: if have have not yet watched Entourage, you might want to skip over this post.

Well, my brother Neil put it most succinctly: Michigan loses in the biggest embarasment in the history of college football, and Medellin bombs at Cannes. All in all, not a good weekend.

I have to go back to earlier posts, but I think I predicted earlier that Medellin would bomb. It's a great storyline: for the first time ever, Vince might actually find himself down and out. While all in all it wasn't a great episode, it was an excellent plot twist. Say what you will, the writers always keep Entourage lively. Guess we'll need to wait a few more months to see how this one shakes out.

So far as Michigan is concerned, I have nothing else to say beyond my post from the opther day. The only way that team could possibly -- possibly -- redeem itself is by winning the rest of their games. As in, every single one. Beyond that, the season is already a colossal bust. The only consolation I take is I won't have to get excited about us going 11-0 only to watch us self-detonate against OSU and in our bowl game.

All that aside, it was ineed a nice weekend. Highlights included:

-- lots of baseball with the little man, who out of nowhere has become a complete and total baseball nut (which is a real good thing in my viewpoint).

-- dinner and ice cream with The Wife in Fairfax, CA. Fairfax is unique enough in that it probably merits it's very own post. Much like Bolinas, it's a step back into time to the 60's. It's a real lost-in-time hippie town, and despite the fact that it's a small town, there's always something interesting to see.

-- did my first open water swim in the Bay today at the Aquatic Club in San Francisco, which is a real cool spot in the City for swimmers. All I can say is: holy cow. That water is cold. It was 60 degrees at best and it literally took my breathe away. There's certain parts of my male anatomy that I might never see again after that 25 minute experience. I understand the water is just as cold in Santa Cruz, so I went right out after the swim and rented a full suit for next weekend. The crazy thing about that water: from what I understand, it rarely exceeds 60. That's the high end. What a waste of a big, beautiful body of water in my opinion.

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