Sunday, September 9, 2007

Mission Accomplished!

Man, I forgot how damn painful these triathlons are, particularly the longer distance races. But, I finished and overall, I was really pleased with my time. I was very evenly balanced on the swim, bike and first 8 miles of the run, until the wheels completely came off (which coincided with the sun making its presence felt). My time was 5:39 and included 35 minute swim, a 2:52 bike (which I was really pleased with as the bike was a bit hillier than I expected) and I'm not sure about the run. As noted, the last few miles got ugly. Highlight of the day for sure was having the Little Boy run the last 1/4 mile with me through to the finish line.

But enough about me. Results are coming in left and right and I must say that this day has exceeded expectations all around. I'll post mileage and pictures as soon as I get home, provided I don't fall into some sort of 20 hour slumber. Again: thanks to all who participated. It really menas a lot. If y'all had fun, I am thinking maybe next year we blow this out into something bigger.

(Ps. Stay tuned for a picture of the special race shirts the wife printed for us four. She rules.)

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Crazymamaof6 said...

way to go! that is awesome he ran to the finish with you! can't wait to see your pics! and i'll email you mine.