Monday, September 10, 2007

More Props

Boy, this is fun. What's more, traffic on the site is at an all-time high. Ok, more props to those who participated:

-- My main man and former training partner Payro, ran 9 miles and biked 70, to overpower Jeff in winning the "most nutty" category. Way to go, Kid.

-- My brother Scott and my father played tennis for an hour. That counts too as it got them active and outside. Question is: who won?

-- My new hero, Hope Gelbach, finished her first Half Ironman -- in an incredible time too I might add! Hope was the one who motivated me to do this race; thanks for that Hope and incredible effort on your part. You should be really, really pleased with your performance. Now here's the million dollar question: we going to do it again next year?! Chalk up 70.3 miles to Hope: 1.2 swimming, 56 bike and 13.1 on the run (and that last .1 is a doozy mind you as it a beach finish). I have some pictures of Hope and I that I will post tomorrow when I get back from LA (note to self: try not to book early morning flights the day after a half ironman.

-- Former collegue and good friend Kristie Heins Fox ran four miles on Sunday and hiked a big old mountain in Colorado on Saturday, which also counts for something. Kristie has bad kneees, so I know that running is an effort for her. Thanks much K -- you are the best.

I have to run to a meeting but there are a few others as well, which I will post this evening, including JT's daughter Nicole, Lana B (way to be out there yesterday Lana! Same too to Seth. That was awesome), and last but certainly not least, the inimitable Crazy Mama!


wiley said...


I ran 7 miles on a treadmill Saturday. That counts, right?


Anonymous said...

not sure what to say! thank you for the nice words! YOU helped motivate ME Howard! and having YOUR family there as well as mine to cheer us on? doesn't get much better than that! :) hope