Sunday, September 9, 2007

People Without Pictures

A whole bunch of other people particpated today, but unfortunately were unable to snap photos. They include:

My brother Neil, who is like my twin brother, only five years younger. He and I have tons in common and he's a great, great kid. Neil was a rising star marathoner himself until his untimely retirement about three years back, so it really excited me that he's getting back in shape. Neil ran 5 in his hometown of Brooklyn, though he hastened to add that with the humidity it felt like 15.

My sister-in-law Penny Gertzberg needs no introduction. I've written about her in the past and she's a very special person to me. She is like the sister I never had. Penny rules: she ran three miles yesterday in the stifling Florida heat and she and my man man Michael, aka "Gaga" as the kids refer to him, walked three more today. Michael is the best golf player any of y'all know -- he is supremely talented. Thanks for being out there Penny and Mike (but especially you Gaga, as I know you don't love to run/walk. I appreciate it a lot).

My cousin Matt, referred to below. Matt is the best. Evidently, he was just going to run a couple of miles as he is just getting into shape and it's hot in NYC, but evidently he got a little lost along the way, and a "few" miles turned into seven! Be carefully out there, Matt. Matt also wrote that this was great motivation for him to start getting into shape, which is precisely why I chose this activity, so props, Matt and thanks for being out there.

My former collegue John Howlett, who I worked with for nine freaking years. You could not imagine two more different people, yet we got/get along famously and I think we both learned that we had more in common than we initially thought. Though I haven't worked with John for a few years, he's someone who I will always consider a very close friend. John isn't the biggest fan of running, but he ran/walked 6.5 on Saturday and biked 12 today, which is an inredible effort for my main man. Way to go John.

Ok, there's a few more I need to get to: Carol Clearly Schultz, Kristie Heins Fox and my main man "The Kid (Payro) but I need a break, so more later.

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Payro said...

Mr. Nut, you got a helluva turnout for your race. As discussed, I did a duathlon (over 24 hours) as it was too damn hot to do the century. My details:

22 on the bike
8.75 running (equivalent to 38 bike miles)
48 on the bike

For a total of 108 bike miles. My quads are a little toasted today.

By the way, great effort on the tri. You should post the details of your race, it sounded really good.