Monday, September 10, 2007

More Updates

The list goes on.

My main man Rob Sellers ran 8 miles yesterday while in Prague, lending an international flavor to our (not so) little event yesterday. See everything I wrote yesterday about Todd and Dave and the same holds true about Rob, who's yet another of the Michigan boys, and one of my closest friends on earth.

On the subject of Michigan guys (btw -- the subject of Michigan football won't come up for a long while, I promise) my other main man Michael Wiley, who's also among my closest friends, ran 7 yesterday while on a treadmill. I hate the 'mill so much that I think Wiley's mileage counts for double or maybe even triple. Wiley is the best; great effort, especially as I know that your feet have been bothering you of late.

My coach and good friend Phil Cutti put in a solid 9 mile effort. If anyone is looking for a coach, particularly those of you in the Bay Area, Phil, who is with Endurance Mill Valley, is your guy. He's patient (he puts up with my constant nonsense), smart, and thorough and what I like most about Phil is he isn't a type A, wound up triathlete. He's laid back but sensible and he knows exactly what he's doing. Thanks Phil for putting me back together after my last treatment and for laying out a smart gameplan that got me through this race is one piece (and in a fairly decent time to boot). Next year let's shoot to shave 10-15 minutes off my time!

Nicole Tanenbaum of Chicago road 15 miles in support of her dad, JT, who as you know is also dealing with thyroid cancer. I'm proud of you Nicole and I can say with certainty that your father is too. Sorry for not posting your picture; I'm in LA and away from my home PC.

CrazyMama walked two miles yesterday with her kids, which is also an excellent accomplishment. Pictures of this will be posted tomorrow too. Great effort, CrazyMama, especially wheeling two kids in the Arizona kid. Much like Wiley, above, that counts as triple the mileage.

Congrats to Lana B, our new SF friend, who completed her first triathlon yesterday in Monterey CA. Great job Lana and welcome to the club; given that you are a seasoned marathoner with Boston finishes to your credit, I suspect you've found your new sport! 31 plus miles for Lana for her Olympic distance effort.

So, I think that's about it, unless I am forgetting anyone (and apologies if so). Some showing, eh? Later this week I'll sit down and do the math in terms of totals; I think the numbers will be very impressive. I'll also let you know the amount fo my group donation to ThyCa.

One last time: thank you all for participating. You rule. Without getting all mushy, it means the world to me, and I hope you had fun in the process? Let's say we do it again next year? Who's in??!

(Ps. Full trace report and pictures tomorrow)

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I'm running an ultra next year if it's the last thing I ever do. Dead serious. Let's make it part of this.