Saturday, September 8, 2007

Greetings from Santa Cruz

Boy, is this town cool. Seriously, maybe the coolest place I've ever visited in the continental US. Much more on this later but man, I could live here. I'm already thinking about possibly renting a house here next summer for a week or two if anyone is interested.

Hours from the Big Race, but the Howard Solomon, Ann Silk, JT and CrazyMama Race for Breast and Thyroid Cancer has officially begun. Here's the mileage tally so far:


-- Jeff - 1.5 miles (and props for a great job at the Big Shoulders race in
Chi-town. He kicked ass and finished at the very front of the race)
-- Dave - 1.5 miles (ditto above)
-- Howard -- 2/3 mile (brrrrrrrr is that ocean water COLD -- but I swam next to a sea lion, which was cool. But then again, sharks like sea lions so maybe not so cool)


-- Jeff - 10 miles
-- April Solomon - 4.5 (which is huge for her; great job, wife!)

Anway, great job all of you listed above. Everyone else: let me know your mileage and let's see some pictures. I have one already from Jeff and Dave which will likely get posted when I return.

In other news, Michigan got blown out today so there goes our season. What a calamity. I'm not going to let it bother me though like the old days; there's far more important things in life. I will say, though, that back in the day I should have given more consideration to UC-Santa Cruz, for a variety of reasons, including:

-- the girls (holy wow batman)
-- the mascot: Bananaslugs. How can you beat that?
-- the weather. Ne explanation needed, especially vis a vis Ann Arbor
-- the overall laid back vibe of this place

Anyway, got to run to dinner. More tomorrow.

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Jeff said...

Have a great race!!!!!