Friday, September 14, 2007

On Baseball

So, the Little Boy has turned into quite the baseball fan the past few months. To put it mildly. In inimitable Little Boy fashion, and taking a page out of this father's playbook, he's jumped into baseball obsessively. He reads nothing but baseball books (to his mother's chagrin). He's learning about the old timers. He's able to recite key statistic of players old and modern. It's all he talks about. And for the record, it's all good by me. I think it's every fathers dream to have a kid who's into baseball. We talk about it nonstop and it's truly been a bonding experience.

Which brings me to tonight. Tonight was a special night: Yankees vs. Red Sox. In he middle of a pennant chase nonetheless. I told him we'd watch together and he was stoked, to put it mildly. I should add that I was as well.

So, I get home from work and it's already the 6th inning with Sox leading 6-2. Bummer I'm thinking. Not the exciting game I had hoped for.

So we are watching together and the Yanks are at the plate in the top of the eight. I tell him "It's never over until it's over. Don't give up hope." And with that, Giambi homers. 7-3. Cano comes up and he too homers. The Little Boys eyes light up. He's never before seen back to back homers. 7-4. Jeters singles, A-Rod gets a hit. Next thing I know the Yanks have gottten six consecutive hits, there's no outs and they are now leading 8-7. And the two of us are jumping up and down, high fiving and screaming at the TV. Having the time of our lives. Good thing mom isn't home (out to dinner with a good friends who's visiting from Chicago).

Flash forward to the 9th and Rivera is on the mound. JD Drew singles and I am thinking "Oh man. Here we go again with the Sox coming back versus Mariano. Poor little boy is going to be crushed."

And then Mariano proceeds to mow down the next three guys, ending the game with a three pitch strikeout, replete with nasty ass cutter. The Little Boy's eyes are ablaze with joy and he says to me, "that was the best game I've ever seen, dad."

Me too, Little Boy.

And so I ask this: anyone have a better Friday night than me?


Crazymamaof6 said...

that is awesome! and i think you had the best Friday night ever for a boy and his dad!

nana said...

Well three weeks of radiation over. Went through it like a breeze until I woke up this morning with blisters on my chest. This is normal I was told and more to come. Oh well. I wonder if the radiation you went through was easier on your body then going every day for 6 weeks. I get to take a weeks brake and come visit the little ones. Boy am I glad you found your way home. Your family would have had to send out the troops. Take a phone and a map next time. Papa wants to see that neat trail. Best-mother-inlaw